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"Imagine Love" revisited

B Is Bondage Erotic Alphabet

B Is Bondage Erotic Alphabet

Big books are a guilty pleasure for me. I like to be whisked off my feet and carried away by a story. Diamond Drake does just that in her amazing fictional work Imagined Love. The book details the life of protagonist Jade Caldwell who has every reason to be leery of love yet finds herself back in its clutches time and time again.

The book starts off with the tumultuous relationship between Jade's parents. This sets the tone for the love roller coasters that take her and the reader for a ride through every stage of her life. Drake does a great job of infiltrating the sweetness of intimate relationships, the bitterness of heartbreak, and the skill it takes to accept them as a part of life. As one reader put it, "the book is simply healing for those of us who know how complicated life can be".

You will laugh, cry, shake your head at characters that seem so familiar you will think they are your friends, and sigh at knowing that Jade is headed for (another) wrong turn, and there is nothing that could be done to stop her. She wants her slice of the fairytale and Drake pulls the reader in so well, that you want Jade to enjoy that slice too.

This book is one that you fall in love with while it reminds you that it takes courage, love, and resilience to find the right person for you, as did the fabulous Jade Caldwell.

-By Erika Miller, Dot Magazine

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