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I love it howver...

Waterproof Camera Watch Video Recorder

Waterproof Camera Watch Video Recorder

I've owned two of these watches now for over 2 years. My own opinion is that the video quality, while not HD, is pretty good.
The pictures are ok also.
The reason I am posting this review is that both watches stopped keeping time. I did many searches looking as to why this happened, surmising that there were two batteries in each watch; one for time, one for video/pictures.
I couldn't find any information about this, so I finally took one of them apart.

It's very easy to do.
A notch on the back cover can be popped off using a small flat head screwdriver.
Once it's off, you'll see the watch is really two items. The camera part of the watch is the first think you'll see, with the rechargeable battery attached by wires to the circuitry.
Once the battery is carefully moved to the side, you'll see 2 small phillips head screws. When they are removed, the camera portion of the watch easily comes out of the case and can be set aside.
Under that, there is the time keeping part of the watch and the battery for it is exposed. This battery is not rechargeable and needs to be replaced when exhausted.
Don't worry about the outside button controls. They do not have to be removed at all, as the camera portion isn't physically attached to them.

The battery number is SR626SW which some battery sites indicate is equivalent to 377 (SR626SW).
These batteries can be purchased here or other sites for as little as $3.99 for a 5 pack. One site I've been to has even had them in 10 packs for the same price.

I hope that this helps anyone that has the watch or is about to purchase one will know what to do when the time keeping mode stops or is inaccurate.

For the price, the watch is quite good.

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  1. Basically, ive been looking for a recording type camera, which is small enough to fit inside a tank, where i can view the recordings LIVE on my computer, as i have quite a few geckos, and would like to see what they do at night, and when im not around. The recording device would need to be as small as possible, it would need to record at night, and give a good picture, it must be waterproof also. Cost is also quite important aswell, i dont need some over the top fancy thing, just something that will do exactly as i stated above, with a good clear picture. Thanks alot, perry.