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AMAZING conclusion to The Jenna Fox Chronicles

Fox Forever The Jenna Chronicles

Fox Forever The Jenna Chronicles

Book 3: I came into this book a bit apprehensive. Book 1, Adoration, I thought was a 5 star book with a bolded exclamation point, but I was less enthusiastic about book 2, Fox Inheritance. My beef with book 2 was that Locke was not nearly as compelling as Jenna, and Jenna played too little a role in the book. Fox Forever continues the shift away from Jenna as Locke has to return the favor that the Network did him. His job: ingratiate himself into the good graces of 17 year old Raine and thereby getting access to information her father has. Of course, there's romance and it turns out be of the A+ variety -- perfectly paced and well plotted. The overall story is well done with the supporting characters rich and nuanced. In short, this is a well written book with a great story that sucks you in and is hard to put down. Locke, whom I bashed a little in my review of Inheritance, really comes to life in this book. My only criticism, which is a soft one, is that the ending felt a little too maudlin for me, but that's going to be a question of taste and I'm not going to ding the book for my own emotional hang ups.

Trilogy: I thought adoration was a 6 star book and Forever a solid 5 star book. But I stand by my review of Inheritance as a big step below Adoration. I thought the author's attempt to shift the focus from Jenna to Locke was doomed to failure and I didn't think it worked all that well in Inheritance. But, that's why she writes and I read. Forever was a home run. Locke really soars and this turns the trilogy into a really good one...and so I give an enthusiastic two thumbs up and say, 'that's how it's done folks!'

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