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Son of the Morning ebook

Son of the Morning ebook

As Linda Howard fans know, there is very little this author can write that isn't good. Well, in this, her first time travel novel, she's outdone herself. Gone are the early heroines who were weak and depended on their men. Grace St. John, a young woman who had everything, a loving husband and a fun loving brother, is in the twinkling of an eye turned into a grieving widow hell-bent on revenge. Through friends she meets while on the run from the men who killed her family she learns how to fight dirty and this sweet, mild mannered woman turns into a woman with nothing to lose. She figures out why her husband and brother are killed, something that is linked to a 12th century Templar knight called Black Niall. She devotes herself to translating parchaments documenting his struggles, and as her obsession grows so does the vividness of her dreams of this elusive knight. Time is running out for her when she takes matters into her own hands and tries a desperate maneuver that could give her the power to destroy the men who destroyed her life and closer to the man in her dreams, or kill her.

This book is definitely a keeper, with steamy love scenes Mrs. Howard is well known for and an arrogant, virile, intelligent, and dangerous hero all her fans love. Well written, with wonderful side characters who added to the story as well as vivid history lessons about the Knights Templar. I'd recommend this book to anyone who love stories about dangerous men and equally dangerous women.

Sarah Pearson

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