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Invicta Corduba Collection Ibiza Stainless

Invicta Corduba Collection Ibiza Stainless

Excuse my language, but a book like this can't be described in any other way. I have no words, except for EPIC! This book is a rollercoaster. You have Blaire, a girl who has lost both her mother and sister. Having no home she turns to the only family she has left, her dad. He walked out on her and her mom and as much as she hates having to go to him for help she needs a place to stay. But instead of seeing him and meeting his new family she is met with Rush, her new stepbrother. He is SEXY and she is attracted to him. But she knows he will never see her as anything but a one night stand. And getting involved with him is dangerous because he has secrets, secrets that could tear them apart. But the attraction between them is too much to ignore and they both know they have fallen to far.

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