Sabtu, 19 November 2011

Beautifully and powerfully written...bring your tissues

If You Find Emily Murdoch

If You Find Emily Murdoch

Such a great story! Probably one of the best YA Contemporary I've read this year. Emily Murdoch has written a gritty, but powerful book. I can't imagine living in the same circumstances.

Carey is a strong character. She does what she can in order to keep Janessa safe. Her little sister is all that matters to her. As long as Janessa is okay, Carey is fine. Carey has had to go through some awful situations while living in the woods. I was in tears after seeing what this poor girl had been through. I don't want to get too much into it because I don't want to give anything away, but it will break your heart. Janessa is absolutely the sweetest thing ever. She's timid, and shy. Everyone thinks that she isn't smart because she refuses to talk, but she's very intelligent. Janessa is completely in tune to Carey's emotions. She knows when her sister wants comfort.

It's amazing how these characters adjusted to a new way of living after being in the woods for their entire life. It's basically like stepping into a completely different world. The girls don't know any of the pop culture references, and have trouble with the slang and things people say. The one thing that seems to bring Carey some sense of comfort is her violin and Ryan. Of course there would be boy problems. All teenage girls experience them. She just doesn't know what Ryan wants out of being friends with her. You have to wonder if he's going to laugh about her or if his intentions are noble.

I've recommended this book so many times since I've read it, and I can't tell y'all enough, this is a MUST read. It's heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time. Sometimes you can change your circumstances, and you don't owe those who take care of you. They do it because they love you, not because they expect something in return.

Be sure to grab the tissues, you'll definitely need them. This book is extremely touching.

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  1. hey there everyone :) i got really interested in researching some female writers (of any century, race and sexual orientation:)) and couldn't really find good-enough online resources. can you please advice, where to look up some kind of "list" key female writers (i've read such famous ones and sister brontes, jane austin, emily dickinson etc.:)) thank you in advance.

  2. Rosetta Cunningham26 Oktober 2011 14.32

    there is a girl who is leaving to go to australia and i just wana kno. her name is emily murdoch

  3. Mitchell Mcneil19 November 2012 04.32

    Next Year I'm starting my education to become an English major, and I want to prepare myself by reading a few of the books ahead of time. Could someone reccomend a few interesting books? Thanks.

  4. Adrian Henderson22 November 2013 03.32

    A few of my favorites at the moment are of Montreal, Grizzly Bear, and Rufus Wainwright. I want to start listening to some more good indie bands. Who do you recommend?