Sabtu, 12 November 2011

worked well right out of the box.

Stuhrling Original 129A2 33155 Thunderbolt Automatic

Stuhrling Original 129A2 33155 Thunderbolt Automatic

I was looking forward to seeing this movie for some time now, but could not because Wild Parrots did not play in the area I live in. Thankfully, it finally came out on DVD just recently! And today this wonderful film exceeded my expecations. Mark Bittner and the birds he befriended, fed and studied make for a fantastic subject of a truly moving documentary. I learned so much and was just simply fascinated with his insight on the birds and their relationships with him and with each other within the flock. The colors of the birds was incredibly captured as was the city of San Francisco and Telegraph Hill. I am a bird lover, but do not own a bird or keep one in a cage. I hope that people will see this movie and think about the living soul of all creatures and be as touched as I was with what Mark and Judy had to say with such elegant simplicity and care.

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  1. Good for men or women.

    I am a woman that bought this for its big size and spring like color. Have no trouble reading the dial.

    Pros: colorful, nice band with stitching colored like green dial, Keeps real good time like my quartz watches, Lume is really beautiful turns on in any dim lit room and is really bright for awhile. Like its vintage feel.

    Cons: Date window could be wider have to use readers to see date, Also I wish they would have put Tuskegee automatic on dial since it is supposed to be historical.