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Wreck It Ralph Blu ray Digital Copy

Wreck It Ralph Blu ray Digital Copy

I must say, this movie sort of blind-sided me. I expected it to be much more of a "hey look, famous character!" type of film. But I was pleasantly surprised.

In honest truth I saw the movie solely based on the huge poster with Sonic the Hedgehog at the front of the pack. The advertising campaign did not do the film justice. But after watching the film (over 7 times I might add, gotta love the $1 theatre), I realized that it is about an original character on his own journey, not just a cameo-fest. Albeit there were many cameos, but they were subtle and didn't take away from the plot of the movie. For example, in some scenes you can see graffiti on the wall with stuff like "no campers" or "Sheng Long was here," and in one scene there is a wall in the background with hand-drawn pictures of many famous characters like Tails Prowler and Galaga, which give a little thumbs-up to the people who recognize them. Some things, like Hero's Duty, can look very similar to another game like Halo in appearance, but not story. If anything that helps to familiarize the audience, otherwise it just comes off as a generic space marine. The most surprising part to me was how well the actors and actresses filled their role. Typically I don't like Sarah Silverman because she is a rather crude comic, but she makes a completely believable and endearing character in the film, ironically becoming my favorite. Another important note, the 8-bit animation and the score for the film are outstanding. I felt like I was really in an arcade.

Overall, the animation of the film was smooth, the visuals were pleasing and not too flashy, the story had a solid ground built on true plot mechanics with some unique arcade-themed features (such as the surge-protector gateway), good soundtrack, and the cast of appealing characters. I guarantee you will find at least one character you like that IS NOT a cameo. Adults might not find the movie nearly as enjoyable (I'm 21) because a lot of it revolves around the hero of the film making his place; perhaps unrelatable to older generations. Although I personally believe it is a universal theme. From a film-student's point of view, there are subtle things throughout the movie that only adults will understand; a classic Disney trademark.

It was a light-hearted adventure populated by some comedy, cameos, a little romance, some tragedy, good action, and a "finding yourself" theme.

P.S. Perhaps not as important, but I actually stayed to watch the credits, every time, because the music and 8-bit animation are just as entertaining as the movie.

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