Selasa, 22 November 2011

This was a Wonderful Romance

Great Protector ebook

Great Protector ebook

It is not often you read about a husband who practically raised his wife - but it sure works in this story. It is so touching! I couldn't put it down. The cover is just fabulous too! The brother in this story is such a hoot! I could easily sit in their banquet hall and just listen to everything that would be going on. It sounds like there was never a dull moment in that family.

What can I say more about Richmond - sigh. He was just truly dedicated and in love with his "ward." They both loved each other for a while before they expressed their feelings to each other. Who wouldn't love a hero like this man, because I sure would! What he wouldn't do for this lady!

I assumed that everything did work out for them in the end. I think if it didn't end well the author would have put it in there, and she didn't, so it ended well.

Thank you Ms. LeVeque for a very romantic and emotionally touching story!

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