Sabtu, 05 November 2011

I love it

Swatch Unisex Originals SUON701 Quartz

Swatch Unisex Originals SUON701 Quartz

I am always trying to convince my friends to watch what I consider my favorite movies. Often they see them and I can tell they become bored or not entirely impressed. At first I usually got mad and could not understand why someone would not love a movie like Vertigo. Then I realized something very important. I have seen the movie numerous times and have also read many critical insights about it. The first time I saw Vertigo I thought it was good. The second time I saw it I knew that it would become one of my favorite films. I recommend watching this movie once. Then going back several weeks later and watching it again. It works on so many subtle levels that it actually is better to see it when you already know the basic outline. Fully enjoying this film takes time and knowledge. It is like classical music that may sound good as a melody, but becomes an obsession when you know a little about the history of the composer and the historical context it was written in. Vertigo belongs to that short list of films that actually becomes better with each viewing

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