Kamis, 20 Oktober 2011

Beautiful watch

Invicta 14374 Diamond Accented Ion Plated Stainless

Invicta 14374 Diamond Accented Ion Plated Stainless

This is a beautiful watch. The gold finish is very shiny and pretty. The large white face makes the numbers really stand out and it is easy to glance at it and tell time. Invicta watches are large and a little heavier, but they are sturdy and nice watches. I've always thought little tiny women's watches were impossible to tell time with. This women's watch has a large face with large Roman numerals that are very easy to read. I also like the fact that it has a second hand, but no calendar.

It's also nice that the band is large enough not to be tight for someone who has a large wrist, but can be sized down for smaller wrists too. This watch is easy to set, quite, keeps perfect time, and the crystal is flat and smooth so it won't easily get scratched. Like others have said the diamonds are very small and can only be seen if you have perfect eye sight or a magnifying glass. When the face hits the light the diamonds do let off a little sparkle, so you don know they are there, but this watch isn't flashy.

This is a great watch for someone who wants a stylish watch that actually functions and is easy to read and use. This seems like a quality watch and it looks very nice.

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  1. The first and probably most important thing you should know before buying this is that the watch is large. Even if it were a man's watch, it would be on the large side. So those looking for the smaller, more traditional woman's watch should probably look elsewhere.

    That aside, if this size is right for you, I think you'll find the watch extremely satisfying. The plating is bright and shiny, the numbers are easy to read so that telling the time takes only a quick glance, and this watch is sure to draw attention and comments from those who see it on your wrist. As it happens, the watch came set to the correct time on the east coast, and in the five days that I have had it, it seems not to have lost even a second of time. I don't think I would recommend this watch for formal elegant occassions because of its size, but in a business setting, it should be the perfect adornment.

  2. I own several Invicta watches and each of them is utterly beautiful but the thing about Invicta watches (aside from the strange MSRP pricing) is they are all HUGE.

    The 14374 Angel watch is no exception. Not only is the dial as big as a traditional man's watch, but the band is equally long. You'd have to be a Russian shot-putter to have this fit on your wrist. Of course you can remove links and shrink it down so I guess I shouldn't complain about receiving extra gold!

    The watch itself is the most incredible gold inlaid with diamonds. The roman numerals complete the stylish look, and if it wasn't for the fact that it has 'Angel' inscribed on it you really couldn't tell it's intended for the fairer sex.

    This is a large-and-in-charge watch for the lady who likes to be noticed. The price is incredibly low currently and so if you want to treat yourself to an amazing gold watch then this is simply perfect.

  3. Heavier and larger than a woman's watch typically is, yes. Not a big problem though, as the quality of this timepiece compensates for the size issue. I appreciate the lustrous gold plating and solid feel of the watch and the watchband and clasp. The clasp itself is very secure but a bit complicated at first.

    As indicated, the gold finish is very nice for a $100.00+. The watch comes packaged in an ordinary, underwhelming display case, although it's shipped in protective plastic wrap. Also appreciated is that the operation of this piece is very simple; not a lot of stems and settings to try to figure out. Instead, one stem for the hours and minutes; set it and forget it. The face is a classic style, but the numerals seem a bit too large for a smallish face.

    For the money this is a very nice watch, but it is heavy. Almost like a small men's watch.


  4. Just what I wanted and look forward to wearing it. Can be dressy or casual. Looking forword wo wearing it with denim and pearls.