Kamis, 13 Oktober 2011


The Sun King ebook

The Sun King ebook

This novel has many positives -- a story propelled by a strong command of language, a colorful and very accurate voice of the teenage narrator, as well as a world full of believable and engaging characters. But what makes Luna a must-read by all is its message of tolerance. Don't get me wrong, it is never preachy; it abides by the tried and true notion of great writing: Show, don't tell.

This is a book for anyone, and anyone will enjoy it. However, Julie Anne Peters does not shy away from subject matter that is, unfortunately, still taboo in her teen novels. We need novels like this for our young readers especially, so that they may learn the essential lesson of tolerance that an unfortunate majority of adults have yet to learn, and therefore cannot teach.

One of the fundamental reasons for books, for art, is to teach, to expand one's mind ... and in this Julie Anne Peters never fails.

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