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Great romance suspense series

The Zenith Syndrome ebook

The Zenith Syndrome ebook

The Slye Temp series features a group of individuals who frequently put their lives on the line for others, yet they seldom receive credit for their participation. There is a crucial mission taking place in NOWHERE SAFE, and failure by this dedicated unit could result in multiple deaths.

Although Josh Carrington knew an assignment in the UK was dangerous, he never imagined the woman working directly with him would be killed. This tragedy reinforced his conviction to never let emotions become involved in an assignment, as losing her still haunts him. He was also physically injured but recovered and now works as a Slye Temp agent. While the organization appears to be a regular security business, it actually takes covert missions that our government wants kept undisclosed.

The latest operation has Josh going undercover in a DEA team where someone is working with the person who deceived his unit in the UK. He needs to get close to Trish Jackson, as her brother is suspected of being the mole. There is also the problem of a batch of illegal drugs coming into the United States, and it must be kept from being distributed. Trish is already on edge, because someone has been threatening her and those to whom she is devoted. As Trish lets Josh into her life because he seems to care, he knows what is expected of him as an agent. But being ruthless with the vulnerable woman has him hesitating more than once, as he would rather protect her than question her motives.

Riveting suspense can be found throughout any Slye Temp story by Dianna Love, and romantic entanglements add to the captivation. Ms. Love is certainly an expert when it comes to combining these two elements, as her books are packed with danger and romance. If one has read LAST CHANCE TO RUN, a Slye Temp prequel, then some of the characters in this novel are familiar. Though it would make NOWHERE SAFE more understandable to know about the incidents that previously happened, the author does give enough necessary background to make current events clearer. After the tragic opening, I had no idea in what direction the story was going to proceed or who would be involved, but I quickly became totally hooked when I realized the potential jeopardy to several characters. Ms. Love has Trish facing some type of peril again and again, and her reactions are often surprising she tries to take care of herself without asking for help. She has finally reached a point in her life that makes her confident, and I cheered her on during numerous episodes where many people would have given up. The threats to her are very real plus convincing, and I often never knew how everything would eventually turn out until the end. Josh is a wonderful hero, as his inner battles with himself show his true nature, regardless of what he wants to believe. The relationship of these two is definitely not all hearts and flowers, as genuine feelings may grow between them but countless secrets keep lasting trust from developing. Still, their desire for the other is potent, and the closeness they share while Josh watches over Trish leads to intensely passionate moments they cannot control. The danger in both of their lives becomes more threatening with each passing day, and how they are affected by these unexpected incidents is realistically portrayed. There are scenes where humor is evident, and the amusement is often associated with unspoken thoughts. The next book in the Slye Temp series will still be dealing with unsolved issues, although many unanswered questions that cropped up during the story do have resolutions. NOWHERE SAFE has an abundance of dangerous escapades and unidentified enemies.

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