Senin, 17 Oktober 2011

Chick can write a book!

Own Wind Chaos Novel ebook

Own Wind Chaos Novel ebook

The attraction of the biker guy has always escaped me. They have never been attractive to me nor has the lifestyle, so it is a credit to this author, her writing , plotting and unforgettable characters, that I loved this book and the previous book about Tabby's father (president of the motorcycle brotherhood) and stepmother. This book has all the usual KA goodies-hot h/h, great sex scenes, lots of deeply felt emotion, some sorrow and some danger. There are always fun and sassy women in these stories and at first glance the men sometimes seem a little misogynistic but if you look a little deeper it's only because their women let them think they're in control and only about certain issues. The male characters mostly have a reverence for that one special woman who is their perfect mate. In this story we got to see Tabby grow up and go though sadness and heartreak until she becomes the woman she is meant to be. It's also nice to get to revisit characters from previous books for an update into their lives. All told, another great KA book that I really enjoyed and can't wait for more.

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