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The Bachelor goes Regency

How Marry Duke ebook

How Marry Duke ebook

Overall Rating: 4.95 // Action: 2 / Emotion: 5 / Romance: 5 / Sensuous: 3 / Intrigue: 4 / Regency Flavor: 5 // Humor: 13 / Tears: 9

Vicky Dreiling accomplished strong emotional engagement with her debut novel, "How To Marry A Duke," the first book in The 'How To' Trilogy. Although the depth of emotional angst suffered by Tristan James Gatewick, the Duke of Shelbourne was tame compared to many other heros starring in other books, it was very realistic to see why he would eschew marriage after watching his drunken, wastrel of a father shame his mother with his philandering.

Another way Dreiling drew the reader into the story was to leave blatant hints that the bold matchmaking spinster, Tessa Mansfield, had a less than savory past that she was willing to go to great lengths to keep secret. Tessa's emotions were very realistic throughout the book. She {1} took an unwanted assignment because it would bolster her career; {2} lusted after the too-charming-to-be-real, hunky, hero; {3} played favorites with the bridal candidates; and {4} was jealous and envious of the candidates who got to "have a season."

Would highly recommend this book to regency lovers who like to read {1} interesting interaction between the hero and heroine as they fight about the way to conduct a business-like courtship, and {2} witness scads of sexual tension and self-recrimination because the duke and the matchmaker are attracted to each other.

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