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wonderful Regency romance

Wicked Ways Signet Eclipse ebook

Wicked Ways Signet Eclipse ebook

The third in a series of Rexford men who have a very deep secret that has helped to serve their country in miraculous ways. As in the previous books, each has his own way of knowing truth from lies. While some may hide their talent by seeing colors for truth or lies, another by sound and Harry by taste. Poor cousin Daniel who is a very large, not so graceful or gentlemanly and has the misfortune to break out in terrible hives and itching (something impossible to hide) when he hears a lie, becomes lost when cousin Rex marries and is no longer around to help him cope with and hide his shortcomings in polite society. So, he turns to drink and dark bars to hide his reactions amongst the rakes and gaming halls. Then suddenly his mother comes to town with his young sister for her intro to society, as well as another young lady. Goddaughter to his mother, best friend to his sister but someone Daniel had met before when the then 17 yr old young lady had broken all rules of polite society and he had been involved in helping for his mother's sake. Now, though she has matured into a beautiful and mature young woman, Daniel only sees her as a lightskirt, with a ruinous scandal in her past. Being manipulated, prodded and pushed by his adoring mother to clean up and become more of the gentleman and their escort and protector and forced back into society for his sister's sake, from the very beginning, he and the Goddaughter Corie, hate each other, try to avoid each other but thanks to his mother is forced to be in her presence continually. Gradually as he watches this beautiful woman's exemplary behavior and slowly begins to learn the horrors she has suffered by her own father that pushed her into the original scandal, as well as the attraction he can't avoid, Corie too begins to realize(as well as her own deep attraction, even though she hates him) that there is much more to this big lummox than she had imagined. Through lots of screaming matches, insults, a growing attraction they both try to fight, strong desire as well as growing respect, this is a romance you can cheer, cry, rage and laugh like crazy at as you get completely drawn in to the gradual changes and growth of both of these fantastic characters. Add to that, all of the great supporting characters, matchmaking, mystery with a crime to solve, love, laughter, brawls and tears. You'll experience them all! Though there were a couple of sexual interludes, they were written so well without every intimate detail and only took you so far so you could use a bit of your own imagination. Without vulgarity or explicit details. I'd give her an award for being so excellent in that area without the smut alone. For me though, it was a fascinating, non stop entertaining book I'll definitely read again!

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  1. Three years ago, believing he was doing the right thing, Daniel Stamfield interceded on behalf of her father to stop Corisande Abbott's elopement. She begged him not to return her to her nasty father, but he believed her dad that his daughter was just an inane disobedient daughter. He brought her home to her family.

    Chaperoned by her mother and accompanied by her sister, Corisande is in London for the season. Daniel is attracted to her, but still believes her father's assessment of his daughter. However, as he gets to know her, Daniel concludes Corisande was and is telling the truth. They begin sleuthing together seeking to learn who is counterfeiting money. As they fall in love, Daniel no longer regrets what he did three plus years ago as he wants Corisande as his wife while love has enabled her to forgive him. However, as they investigate together neither is confident with taking that critical first step of informing the other of how they feel.

    Returning to the Regency world of THE SCANDALOUS LIFE OF A TRUE LADY, Barbara Metzger provides her readers with a wonderful romance starring two delightful intelligent protagonists. The story line is fast-paced from the intervention to the courting as Daniel, an asset to his country for his uncanny ability to know when someone is lying, finds his greatest skill failed him three years ago and apparently fails him now; as it don't work as well as kisses to reveal the truth. Regency romance readers will appreciate Ms. Metzger amusing historical due to the unique courtship of the lead couple.

    Harriet Klausner